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Hurricane Dorian

Tomorrow, Thursday, September 5, 2019 we will start experiencing the hurricane. I live in southeastern NC and we have seen a lot of hurricanes. I've stood at my back window and watched parts of our poultry houses tumble across the field like tumbleweeds. I've been in a tractor during a hurricane putting large hay bales on top of the poultry houses to keep the tops from flying off. Even though we have insurance, it still took us several years to get that paid off because we had to borrow a lot of money for the new tops. Even though we kept the poultry safe, because we kept the tops from completely blowing off, the insurance wouldn't pay us as much. But we didn't loose our poultry.

My heart just aches for the people in the Bahamas. I cannot even imagine. Where do you even start to recover from something like that? Where do you start to clean up from that? As my pastor said tonight at Bible Study in response to my question of where do you start cleaning up, he said where do you put all the debris that is cleaned up? It's mind boggling.

There has been and will be more loss of life. I heard tonight there was an 80+ year old man in NC that was preparing for the storm and he fell off a ladder and died. I was thinking what business does an 80 year old person have on a ladder then I thought I'd have done the same thing. When it's our time, it's our time. I hope you are ready. I am.

When Hurricane Irene hit 8 years ago, that's when we lost the tops to our poultry houses. It also ripped back a shelter off the packhouse (barn) where my woodworking shop is. So when we replaced the top of the shelter, we closed it in and I got a new workshop. It was built mostly with used materials and all the freebies I could get. The tin on top was new and the plywood floor. A friend generously gave me windows, my son gave me a heater. It has been a good workspace and I have managed to fill it up. Hopefully when the weather cools off and the grass is not growing so fast I can work in my shop a little more.

Take care! Much Love!

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