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Meet the artist: Scarlette Rouse

I'm just an old woman living the dream!

I'm a Christian first and foremost. A sinner saved by grace. I mess up everyday. I'm not perfect but I'm forgiven by a God who is.

I love!

I love life. I love people. I love to serve. I love to make people laugh, to make them feel special, to know they are loved. I love God, my family, farming, hunting, and wood.

I try all different things. I bounce around from thing to thing. I try everything I want to except for singing. Oh I sing in the truck, in church but it's usually solo - so lo no one can hear.

Where I've been.

I saw someone on television turning (woodturning) ink pens one day and I thought that was the neatest thing. So I ordered a lathe even though I had never laid eyes on one before. I ordered pen kits, books, tools, dvd's, the whole works. I had an absolute idiot for an instructor to start with. I was self-taught. I eventually took some classes, joined a couple of clubs, etc., so forth. And here I am, 12 years later.

Since this is just an introduction of sorts, I'll blog some crazy things. I'm on Facebook and Instagram @scarletterouse. There is also a Facebook group page titled "Bead Boxes" and it is a journal of sorts on what we do with the boxes.

Building this website.


I have put off doing this website for years. I know it's helpful for my woodturning career - I say that loosely, but today I bit the bullet, obviously. I almost had to bite the bullet literally because this stuff drives me crazy. I'm supposed to be doing office work today. Well, I am in the office but it is not doing the farming books like I'm supposed to. The older I get, the more I procrastinate. I must learn to prioritize things.

Follow along!

You'll see just how crazy I am. Still loving life. Working all the time, whether of the farm, on boxes or whatever. I seem to not be able to sit still. But I must learn to Be still, and know...

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