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Christian, Wife, Mama, Grandma, Farmer, Hunter,  Woodturner, Artist

My husband Gene and I were married in 1978.  We have raised our children on our farms.  We have three children and eight grandchildren.

My mother and I refinished some furniture when I was a teenager and that's when I fell in love with wood.  I've taken numerouse woodworking and woodturning classes.  I started making boxes for critically ill children in 2016.  It's my calling.  As of August 2019 I've made 228 boxes and have worked on 70 premade boxes getting them ready for children.  I demonstrate and teach woodturning as well as some carving, woodburning and painting on the boxes.  There are a lot of volunteers to help with the boxes.  It's a big undertaking and I couldn't do it by myself.  To date, we have donated over 300 boxes.  Making boxes for the children is at least 95% of what I do in my shop.